INSTRU CARE - instrument oil

New product

Everywhere where instruments are reprocessed. Serves for conversation of the values of instruments and of their functionality
InstruCare 500ml is subject to the Dangerous Goods Ordinance and therefore can not be shipped as Air Mail or Air Freight.

More details

  • 500 ml Spray bottle
  • 100 ml dropping bottle

Type of preparation:
Highly pure instrument oil based on medical white oils for the care and the protection of instruments. Serves for the maintenance of the value of the instruments and guarantees the functionality of moveable parts, especially of accessory instruments and forceps.

Spectrum of efficacy:
– Physiologically harmless
– Ingredients according to DAB 10, 2nd Ed, BP 1993, USP XXII, NF XVII, FDA 172 – 878
– vapour stable up to 200°C; does not affect the sterilization
– does not leave oxidations and residues
– good material compatibility
– caution with fat and oil sensitive materials!

Instru Care
is used after appropriate cleansing of the instruments and before the sterilization.

Shelf life:
3 years

Aerosol receptacle is under pressure. Protect from solar radiation and temperatures over 50 °C. Also after use: do not open violently and not burn. Do not spray it against flames or onto glowing objects. Keep away from ignition sources. Do not smoke. Keep away from children. In areas without sufficient airing: developing of explosive mixtures possible.

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