Foot Care Cabinet Jana 450


New product

Elegant & convincing by function & design

  • Available in widths of 45 cm or 65 cm
  • Very easy cleaning
  • With soft-close mechanism
  • Attachment option for handpiece holder on the right or left
  • Smooth-running castors with locking device

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  • Compact® countertop (ideal for healthcare), resistant to disinfectants.
  • Easy and fast cleaning/disinfection of all areas due to rounded edges and pull-out motor compartment
  • Pre-drilled fittings for illuminated magnifiers left o. right
  • Switchable socket box with 3 sockets on the back, detachable power cord
  • Smooth-running castors, rubberized, for hard floors, front with parking brake
  • Built-in multiple socket and a cable aperture

Overall dimensions cabinet Jana 450

Width 45 cm
Height 73 cm
Depth 51 cm

Internal dimensions of motor compartment

Width 40 cm
Height 21 cm
Depth 47,5 cm

Delivery not includes accessories, such as magnifying lamps, etc.
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