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How to prevent airborne Infections effectively for patients andpersonal.

Safe air in waiting rooms and clinical areas.

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Airborne infections. The problem.

Airborne contamination has always been a serious problem in our society; in fact, there are many airborne diseases.

Meningitis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, mumps, and even simple flu, colds and the new forms of flu that have appeared in recent years. In some environments the problem of airborne transmission is particularly critical, especially those places where there is a high density or turnover of people (public places, meeting places, schools, kindergartens etc.), or healthcare or surgical environments. Some healthcare environments are even more critical, for example dental environments, where the sprays and ultrasounds used spread microparticles which are then transported into the environment.

All these infections are increasingly frequent, so much so that in some cases they are even defined as pandemics, generating high costs and major social problems. Based on the recommendations of the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), environmental biological treatment systems can immediately be applied to reduce the risk of airborne viruses spreading, which is why such devices can be used in any environment.

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