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Effective protection against skin and nail infection and treatment of verrucae.

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  • Bottle 500 ml
  • Spray Bottle 70 ml
  • Pipette Bottle 50 ml
  • Tube 20 ml

Mykored  „Deodorant and Pipette"

For the treatment of fungal skin and nail infections. Laboratory tests have shown tha Mykored is effective against a range of dermatophytes and yeasts including the following organism: Trichophyton verrucosum, T.mentagrophyte, T.violaceum, T.rubrum, Epidermophyton fluccosum, Microsporum canis, Candida albicans and C.krueis.

MYKORED „forte“

A moisturising creamdesigned to care for and protect the skin and nails. Can help prevent split skin, regulate moisture content and improve the structure of the nail. Also contains clotrimazole to fight fungal infection.

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