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Foam foot and toe cushions

Gel foot and toe cushions

Gel pressure relief cushions are made ​​of a skin-friendly polymer gel. The gel provides an effective pressure distribution and distributes the load over a larger area. The gel has excellent elastic and mechanical properties and can be worn over an extended period of time. Silicone pressure relief cushions are made ​​of a skin-friendly silicone. This silicone is hypo-allergenic, odorless and very comfortable to wear. It contains no latex or dry out and always returns to its original shape. It is washable and very economical and cost effective in the long-term treatment.

Gloves - Face Masks

Examination Gloves    -    Face masks

Bandages / Plasters

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nail correction

Ways to get rid of ingrown toenails

BS-Spange Classic - BS-Spange Quick - ONYCLIP - Erki-Spange

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Canisters, Bowls & Trays

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