Rotary Instr 

Rotary Instr

Rotary instruments for podology and footcare


Diamond instruments

can be disinfected and sterilized - extremely high-cost efficiency due to the durable diamond grit - gentle, precise concentric running - a perfect identification of the diamond grits by coloured dots - environmentally friendly - easy to handle

Hybrid Twister

Experience a sensation when removing callus with the hybrid grit!
Two exceedingly effective materials – diamond and ceramic – combine to yield a progressive hybrid grit. The Hybrid TWISTER´s rate of removal will astound you.
Despite the finer hybrid grit, you can work more quickly and at the same time obtain a smoother surface; an advatage for user and patient.
The Hybrid TWISTER is a medical device which can be used in the wet and the dry technique and can also be incorporated into the hygienic reprocessing.

Stainless steel cutters

The use of stainless steel ensures an optimal anti-rust protection also after the sterilization

Ceramic cutters

The range of ceramic cutters stands out through more than just its aesthetic appearance.
Excellent fracture toughness and hardness, additional bio-compatibility and the lower weight are interesting features of these medical devices. Proven BUSCH cuts ensure that treatment with the KERA range produces exactly the desired result.

Carbide cutters

Treatment of very thick grypotic nails and hyperkeratosis as well as of orthesis silicone.
Medium double cut (X) for a specific outlining e.g. fungally infected nails - Fine double cut (FX) for a delicate treatment of the nail surface before polishing


High-grade corundum, pink - for fine grinding work on nails and cuticle.
High-grade corundum, white - nail prothetics and brace technique.

Mandrels /Abrasive Caps

Mandrels  -  Abrasive Caps  -  for removing hard skin and calluses

Silicone polishers

• Polishing of the nail surface in nail prosthetics • Polishing of acrylates and nail prosthesis
• A fine rounding-off of the nail edges • To smoothen sensitive skin areas

Sets of instruments

Sets of instruments

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item